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Blog sobre la conservación segura de los alimentos

Subscription meal kits, mail-order food, and home-delivered groceries offer convenience. Make sure food safety is part of the package, too.

Publicado en: Seguridad Alimentaria

With the hurricane season of late summer and early fall behind us, it may be tempting to believe that the weather-related threats to food safety are behind us as well. However, winter storms can cause power outages that disable refrigerators and freezers just as well as summer storms do....

Publicado en: Seguridad

For many people, the holiday season is the perfect time to spend time together in the kitchen and share delicious baked foods and desserts.

Publicado en: Seguridad Alimentaria

The holidays are here, which means plenty of gatherings with family, friends and food! These get-togethers are usually fun-filled with catching up, laughter and occasional dancing, so don't let foodborne illness crash your party. One of the best ways to keep foodborne illness off the guest list...

Publicado en: Eventos

Darse un festín con familiares y amigos es parte de muchas celebraciones en época de fiestas. Siga estos consejos simples para protegerse de las intoxicaciones o enfermedades de origen alimentario durante las fiestas.

Publicado en: Fiestas
Etiquetas: Food Prep | Holiday