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Blog Archives 2012

The trend of swapping disposable grocery bags for cloth and plastic-lined reusable bags has become an increasingly popular "green" alternative. Reusable bags reduce waste, but how safe are they for our health?

The fabric or materials in reusable grocery bags can get contaminated with...

Etiquetas: Food Shopping | Bags

The holidays often mean family, fun, and food. But beware - bacteria can lurk in holiday buffet goodies and cause foodborne illness. Follow these guidelines for group platters to protect your guests from harmful foodborne bacteria.

Etiquetas: Christmas | Holiday | Buffet | Group | Eggnog | Ham | Meat

Holiday dinners are a time to enjoy friends, family and good food. And while leftovers can make quick and tasty meals, it's important to remember to refrigerate them promptly and reheat properly. You can help keep your family safe from food poisoning at home by following these guidelines from...

Etiquetas: Leftovers | Microwave

Seamos realistas, lo más probable es que en noviembre haya un pavo en su menú. Planificar con anticipación puede ayudar a garantizar que su cena especial sea un éxito, además de tranquila y segura. If you have questions, the USDA's Meat and Poultry Hotline offers planning tips and shares their top turkey questions and...

Si tomó la decisión de alimentar a su bebé con leche de inicio, es importante saber algunos datos. All manufacturers of infant formula sold in the U.S. must register with FDA which sets standards to ensure the nutritional quality and safety of infant formula. Formula -- whether powder, liquid...

Etiquetas: Baby Food | Formula