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Blog Archives 2017

As a working mom of four boys, ages 8 and under, I’m asked on a near-daily basis: “how do you DO it?!” It’s a carefully orchestrated dance: keeping my family fed, healthy, dropped off at school and daycare at the appropriate times, with their respective accompaniments, whether homework, snacks...

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El huevo es uno de los alimentos más nutritivos y económicos de la naturaleza. But you must take special care when handling and preparing fresh eggs and egg products to avoid foodborne illness, sometimes called food poisoning.

Publicado en: Bacteria/Virus | Summer
Etiquetas: Salmonella | Egg

For Latinos, camping is a family affair; it’s an opportunity to preserve beautiful moments through experiences and photos, cook delicious food and spend quality time with tios and tias, abuelos, cousins, compadres and friends.

You may know that Salmonella can contaminate poultry and eggs, but it also sneaks its way into many other foods. It can contaminate ground beef, tuna, pork, tomatoes, sprouts, and even peanut butter. Learn what you can do to make your food safer to eat.

Publicado en: Bacterias/Virus | Enfermedades
Etiquetas: Salmonella | Food Safety

Más latinos están saliendo al aire libre y están acampando más seguido con los campistas no latinos. En 2016, casi un millón de personas comenzaron a acampar y alrededor del 12 por ciento de esos nuevos campistas fueron latinos, según una encuesta patrocinada por Kampgrounds of America (KOA).