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Category: Illness

Publicado en: Bacterias/Virus | Enfermedades

Clostridium perfringens (C. perfringens) es una de las causas más comunes de intoxicación alimentaria en Estados Unidos.

Did you know you can help disease detectives find and solve foodborne disease outbreaks? Infórmese sobre cómo proteger a otros de las enfermedades.

Publicado en: Enfermedades | Brotes

You may know that Salmonella can contaminate poultry and eggs, but it also sneaks its way into many other foods. It can contaminate ground beef, tuna, pork, tomatoes, sprouts, and even peanut butter. Learn what you can do to make your food safer to eat.

Publicado en: Bacterias/Virus | Enfermedades
Etiquetas: Salmonella | Food Safety

Raw oysters can ruin your summer. That is because you can get very sick from eating raw oysters. Learn about vibriosis, a disease linked to raw oysters - and how to protect your health when it comes to oysters and certain other shellfish.

Publicado en: Bacterias/Virus | Enfermedades